Senior Thesis Components

Writing with Sources

For all your writing, please check out the Harvard Guide to Writing with Sources and follow ASA Style.

Prospectus and Statement of Intent

Example: Statement of Intent

Here are two sample statements of intent. The files here correspond to the sample prospectuses found below.

Statement of Intent #1

Statement of Intent #2

Example: Prospectus

Here are two sample prospectuses from past students. Note that these are samples only to be used to help you write the prospectus and all details of your specific project must be approved by your advisor.

Sample Prospectus #1

Sample Prospectus #2



Examples: Introductory Chapters

Here are two sample introductory chapters. Intro #2 combines a brief literature review with an introduction, as it was appropriate to the project. Intro #1 is a more distinct introductory chapter and does not include much literature, instead saving that for a lit review chapter.

Annotated Intro

Intro #1

Intro #2

Literature Review

How to Write a Lit Review

Christy Ley (2013 DWF) - The Thesis Writing Process and Literature Review

Ann Owens - Notes on the Literature Review

Lit Review Web Resources

Kathleen Sheehan is the Sociology department library liaison, and she is happy to help if you are having trouble doing your library research. Contact Kathleen directly at

How to Write a Literature Review (UCSC)

Review of Literature (Univ of Wisconsin)

The Literature Review (Deakin University)

The Literature Review--A Few Tips on Conducting It (University of Toronto)

Examples: Lit Reviews

Lit Review #1 corresponds to Intro #1 and Interview Guide #1 so you can see how the pieces fit together.

Annotated Lit Review

Lit Review #1

Lit Review #2


Data and Methods

Data Collection: Sampling, Interviewing, and Survey Methods

Eva Rosen's Presentation on Interviewing

Mario Small: Lost in Translation

This is a great (and short) article by Mario Luis Small to help you think about sampling issues, particularly for qualitative work.

Survey Research Resources

Writing Your Thesis Methods and Results


Examples: Instruments

Sample Surveys

Survey 1

Sample Interview Guides

Interview Guide #1

Interview Guide #2

Examples: Data and Methods Chapters

Methods #1 is quantitative and may be more technical than many senior theses. Methods #2 is an interview-based study.

Annotated Methods

Methods #1

Methods #2


Examples: Results Chapters

Results 1 is from a mixed methods thesis. The quantitative portion may be more technical than most theses. (Corresponds to Methods 1).

Results 2 is from a qualitative thesis. The first results chapter includes some basic quantitative description. (Corresponds to Methods 2)

Annotated Results 1

Annotated Results 2

Results 1

Results 2

Discussion and Conclusion

Examples: Conclusions

Annotated Conclusion

Conclusion 1

Conclusion 2

Data Analysis Tools

Eva's Atlas.ti Workshop

Atlas.ti 5.0 Manual

Eva's 10/4 and 10/12 Workshop notes

Example: Coding Scheme

Example Coding Scheme #1

Data Analysis Tools

For Qualitative Research:

Guide to the Basics of Atlas.ti

Overview of Atlas.ti

For Quantitative Research:

UCLA Stata Site

IQSS Training Courses

Revising and Polishing

Revising and Polishing Your Thesis