Resources for Research

Resources for Quantitative Research

Guide to Quantitative Analysis

Ekédi_Introduction to Quantitative Research_2013.pdf

Introduction to Stata


Resources for Qualitative Research

Qualitative Data Collection


A good check list for what to remember to ask in interviews. Useful to assess the interviews you've already conducted and adjust the following ones accordingly.

Small_How many cases do I need?

A very useful reflection on what a case is, how to think of one's sample, and when to stop collecting data.

Guest et al. How many interviews are enough?

Especially intended for those of you who might have relatively few interviews: a much cited article on why a dozen interviews might be enough. (Particularly useful for your "Data and methods" section.)

Charmaz_Theoretical Sampling and Saturation

On returning to the field to refine one's findings. Read only after you have your first results.

Ryann Manning Presentation on Qualitative Methods

Slides from Ryann Manning's presentation to Soc 99 on September 23, 2015.

Qualitative Methods Worksheet

Worksheet from Ryann Manning's presentation to Soc 99 on September 23, 2015. This worksheet may be helpful to brainstorm ideas about data collection for your thesis.

Qualitative Data Analysis

MilesHuberman_Analysis during data collection

For those of you who are still in the field, a guide to advancing your analysis at the same time.

Charmaz_Grounded Theory

An introduction to inductive analysis based on qualitative data.


A step-by-step guide to coding. Useful reference to supplement Professor Viterna's session or refresh your memory later.

Charmaz_Memo Writing

After you have started coding: a guide to writing code-based memos to advance your analysis.